Greatest Motivational Songs

Greatest Motivational Songs

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Most everyone dreams of having a “Rocky” moment!

While many more of us have “soundtracks” that run through our heads daily, or at specific times needed to motivate us to higher levels.

Whether that burst of energy comes from the orchestrated sound of “Superman” or the raw lyrics of Fort Minor’s “Remember the Name”

“…10% Luck,  20% Skill,  15% concentrated POWER OF WILL!
” … 5% pleasure, 50% pain,  & 100% reason to REMEMBER THE NAME!!!”

Your name!

(lyrics provided courtesy of )

Now, you can have them anytime you desire! …or when you just need that “inspirational” pick-me-up!

Over 50 years after his acclaimed feat, Roger Bannister’s birthday inspires yet another addition to the list.  See today’s Featured and Sports stories, and new title below!

Please add or submit your favorites and the reasons why to complete the list!

Gonna Fly Now (Theme From Rocky) excerpt

Superman (Theme) – Original – excerpt

Remember The Name (Amended Version) excerpt

Star Wars_ Episode IV – A New Hope – Main Titles – excerpt

Chariots Of Fire – excerpt.loop.30

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